Testing out the latex plugin

So it seems that this thing should handle latex by default.


is the easy way to get a proper latex symbol.

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Good God, I have a WordPress blog. Whudothunkit?

Five years gone, and only one fat-arse spam message on the front page. And such lucrative real-estate to spam at that.

Searching accented characters in pdf files

Am 24.09.2006 um 18:20 schrieb Gordon Sick:

I write in English, but many important papers I cite have authors whose names have accents.

I have no recommendation for the bibliography, but in case you create your documents with pdfTeX the LaTeX statement


helps to make the PDF output with accented characters searchable in PDF viewers by mapping the well-known characters to the TeX constructs.

You probably know of


to use accented characters from the same font the other text is set with?



Reactivating the blog…

## Heading this issue

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